The Official Guide to Building AdSense Websites that WORK!

We all want to be rich, right?  Isn’t that why you’re reading this article?  You are looking for a way to maximize your web space and make money with your website.  There are a ton of different ways to make money online, but one of the easiest ways to monetize your website is through Google […]

eCommerce Suite makes custom shopping carts easy

If you’ve ever tried to develop a custom shopping cart for your website, you probably quickly found the limitations of bundled shopping cart software.  You don’t want the same generic shopping experience as thousands of other sites, but customizing your shopping cart can be difficult, if not impossible, for the average website owner.  WebAssist’s eCommerce Suite is a Dreamweaver […]

Top Dreamweaver Extensions for Building PHP, ASP or CF Websites

Whether you prefer PHP, ASP or ColdFusion, Adobe Dreamweaver and a set of extensions from WebAssist can turn an ordinary website into a dynamic database-driven workhorse that rivals those from professional developers costing tens of thousands of dollars.

My 95% Unbiased Review of HostGator Web Hosting

I occasionally go searching to see what’s new in the world of web hosting.  And it never fails, I come across websites that claim to “review” web hosting services.  Here’s a tip for the uninformed, those sites rank web hosting providers by how much they get PAID as an affiliate!  So one week, you might […]

Easy client-side and server-side form validation

When it comes to validating user-input into HTML forms, there are several options.  The Validation Toolkit Dreamweaver extension makes both client-side and server-side form validation a snap.

BlueRehash WordPress Theme Released

BlueRehash is the second custom WordPress theme that was completed today.  It’s a 3-column theme that is widget ready and is a nice, clean presentation.  It features the usual WordPress menu modules, plus a Technorati favorite link, a Stumbleupon link and an RSS feed subscribe link in the default install.  Also includes recent comments section […]

Easily Build a Custom Constant Contact Signup Form

Unless you’ve been under a rock the last couple of years, you know the importance of email marketing and keeping your website visitors up-to-date on your products or services.  This wizard-driven FREE tool allows you to easily integrate a custom email mailing list signup from Constant Contact.

Easily Add Skype Buttons to Your Website

Enjoying over 200 million registered users, Skype is easily the most recognized internet communication service.  With Skype-to-Skype calls being free, it’s a no-cost way to allow your website visitors to contact you at the click of a button.  WebAssist’s free Communication Toolkit for Skype uses a wizard interface to make the Skype website installation way […]

PayPal eCommerce Tookit Review

If you’re trying to easily set up ecommerce functionality on your website but you don’t want a hefty monthly merchant account fee, PayPal is a great option.  It allows you to seamlessly integrate credit card and PayPal payments into your current website, without having to worry about sensitive customer information and the complexities of a merchant account.  The […]

Dreamweaver Tools for Adobe Kuler

Choosing a color scheme for a website can challenging, especially if your skills are code, not color.  Dreaweaver Tools for Kuler is a great free extension from WebAssist that allows you to easily choose the hottest color palettes for your website.

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