Under $1 Image Stabilizer For Any Camera

I came across this post on Digg and had to share it here.  For anyone who takes photos, you know the problem with blurry shots from an unsteady hand.  This video at metacafe.com shows how to build an image stabilizer that truely works with any camera and actually costs LESS than a buck!

Free WordPress Template Download

We’re planning on offering as many free WordPress templates as we can crank out (or as time allows).  Here’s our first template titled OrangeRehash.  It’s a clean two-column template that is very expandable and easily customizable with your own graphics.  It includes quite a bit of functionality be default, but it can easily be stripped down by […]

WebAssist Introduces iRite WYSIWYG Text Editor

iRite is WebAssist’s newest Dreamweaver extension and it allows you to easily insert a WYSIWYG text editor into your Dreamweaver web pages.  If you’ve ever tried to incorporate a text editor such as TinyMCE or FCKeditor into your website, you’ll appreciate this easy-to-implement extension from WebAssist.

WebAssist Universal Email Review

WebAssist’s Universal Email Dreamweaver extension is a versatile plugin that enables you to send personalized text or HTML email messages to anyone who provides an email address on your site.  The flexibility of the extension is it’s strength, and it doesn’t need a database to operate.  This WebAssist Universal Email review gives a rundown of […]

The Super Bowl Ads: Not so Super

Did anyone else have the feeling at the end of the Super Bowl that we got ripped (and I don’t mean what you drank during the game)?  Since I’m a somewhat creative thinker, I tend to be a little more critical of visual media than most.  But you don’t need a degree in visual communications […]

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