Easy Squeeze Pages in WordPress

WordPress is hands down the easiest way to launch niche sites in the least amount of time. Thousands of internet marketers rely on the easy installation and near zero setup time required to create a custom niche blog. The problem arises when it’s time to create your custom sales page in WordPress to sell your […]

IM Niche Formula Bonus – Ultimate Niche Marketing Bonus

IM Niche Formula is NOW AVAILABE! If you haven’t been under a rock for the last year, you probably know who Mark Dulisse is. He has developed techniques for making money online that are currently earning him over $10,000 a month on just one site.  He’s not afraid to tell you where he’s come from […]

Niche bloggers need Flexibility Theme for WordPress

If you haven’t seen Flexibility Theme for WordPress in action, or if you’ve only used the original version of the theme, you need to grab a download of the newest version of the theme. Flexibility is a theme that allows you to easily create literally millions if not billions of different blog looks in a […]

FreshSqueeze – A free affiliate marketing squeeze page template

NEW! I took some of the function of FreshSqueeze and built a new WordPress theme called FlexSqueeze that allows you to instantly create squeeze pages from directly within your WordPress blog! It also comes with over 250 bitmap squeeze page images such as action buttons, bursts, icons, bullets, etc. I also created the Squeeze Page […]

The Official Guide to Building AdSense Websites that WORK!

We all want to be rich, right?  Isn’t that why you’re reading this article?  You are looking for a way to maximize your web space and make money with your website.  There are a ton of different ways to make money online, but one of the easiest ways to monetize your website is through Google […]