Niche bloggers need Flexibility Theme for WordPress

If you haven’t seen Flexibility Theme for WordPress in action, or if you’ve only used the original version of the theme, you need to grab a download of the newest version of the theme. Flexibility is a theme that allows you to easily create literally millions if not billions of different blog looks in a […]

New Dreamweaver extension for creating WordPress themes

ThemeDreamer is a new extension for Dreamweaver that enables anyone to create custom WordPress themes. The extension works by combining all the individual WordPress files such as index.php, sidebar.php and footer.php into one complete blog page in Dreamweaver’s design view. ThemeDreamer also renders the page with simulated blog data so you can see the different […]

WordPress 2.5 Image Uploading Problem Fix

I’ve come across many blog and forum posts about the image uploading problem in WordPress 2.5. When you try to upload an image, you may receive an error that reads “HTTP error” and in the Crunching dialog “An error occurred in the upload. Please try again later.” There are several fixes floating around for the […]

BlueRehash WordPress Theme Released

BlueRehash is the second custom WordPress theme that was completed today.  It’s a 3-column theme that is widget ready and is a nice, clean presentation.  It features the usual WordPress menu modules, plus a Technorati favorite link, a Stumbleupon link and an RSS feed subscribe link in the default install.  Also includes recent comments section […]

Free WordPress Template Download

We’re planning on offering as many free WordPress templates as we can crank out (or as time allows).  Here’s our first template titled OrangeRehash.  It’s a clean two-column template that is very expandable and easily customizable with your own graphics.  It includes quite a bit of functionality be default, but it can easily be stripped down by […]

Converting a Template to a WordPress Theme

Update: Since writing this post back in January, there has been a Dreamweaver extension released called ThemeDreamer. It is hands down the best tool for creating and customizing WordPress themes in Dreamweaver and it’s definitely worth a look. There are a ton of free WordPress templates available, but what if you find a commercial or […]

Creating Date Icons for WordPress

As I was setting up the new blog, I wanted to incorporate a date icon (the little graphic to the left of the post titles on the home page) to add a little flair (not unlike Office Space) to my blog. I Googled a few terms and found a couple of really useful blogs that […]

Installing a New WordPress Theme

As a logical first post on, I thought I’d share how I customized the blog with a different WordPress theme.  For readers new to the blog scene, there are many blog platforms out there, but I chose to use WordPress because of it’s extensive plug-in support and the fact that it is very easy […]