Essential Suite by WebAssist

WebAssist has recently introduced their Essential Suite of Dreamweaver extensions. This bundle of tools replaces their Web Developer Suite, and adds a few more extensions to the mix. If you were to buy all the extensions individually, you would pay over $1,300. The Essential Suite is prices at a very competitive $599.99, which is a […]

Niche bloggers need Flexibility Theme for WordPress

If you haven’t seen Flexibility Theme for WordPress in action, or if you’ve only used the original version of the theme, you need to grab a download of the newest version of the theme. Flexibility is a theme that allows you to easily create literally millions if not billions of different blog looks in a […]

Adobe Dreamweaver CS4 now available for purchase

Dreamweaver CS4 released! You can now buy and download the final release version of Dreamweaver CS4 , so visit Adobe’s Dreamweaver page for upgrade or full version pricing. Get the upgrade or full version or buy Dreamweaver as part of Web Standard, Web Premium, Design Premium or Master Collection.  Any way you get it, CS4 […]

Installing PHP and MySQL on Windows XP and Windows Vista

Setting up PHP and MySQL on Windows XP and Windows Vista allows you to test your dynamic websites prior to uploading to your web server. WebAssist’s Mark Fletcher demonstrates how to set up and configure PHP and MySQL on your local Windows machine through WebAssist’s popular solution recipe videos. Simply click here (opens new window) […]

InMotion Hosting – A pleasant surprise in the world of web hosting

I don’t blog much about web hosting, mainly because it’s kind of boring and there just isn’t much meat to it. You get an account, you upload files, you hope you don’t need tech support. That’s about it. I had an experience last week that I just felt compelled to blog about. It wasn’t life […]

Free website templates that ROCK!

There are a lot of places you can get free website templates on the web, some are OK and are just downright bad. There are very few places, however, where you can download templates that are made specifically for Dreamweaver. Of these, there are none that 1) look good 2) W3C validate and 3) include […]

Interspire Shopping Cart Revolutionizes E-commerce

Interpire Shopping Cart was recently released, which is their updated version of StoreSuite. After taking a look at the features included with Shopping Cart, this is one shopping cart system that will impress anyone looking for an easy way to build an attractive online store with built-in email marketing capability.

New Cross-browser CSS Navigation Extension for Dreamweaver

An easy way to build CSS navigation in Dreamweaver is here! WebAssist CSS Menu Writer is their newest Dreamweaver extension that creates horizontal or vertical CSS navigation menus from an easy-to-use wizard interface. Menu Writer can create automated or even dynamic Dreamwaver CSS menus and gives you complete control over the menu through the CSS […]

PayPal eCommerce Tookit Review

If you’re trying to easily set up ecommerce functionality on your website but you don’t want a hefty monthly merchant account fee, PayPal is a great option.  It allows you to seamlessly integrate credit card and PayPal payments into your current website, without having to worry about sensitive customer information and the complexities of a merchant account.  The […]

Dreamweaver Tools for Adobe Kuler

Choosing a color scheme for a website can challenging, especially if your skills are code, not color.  Dreaweaver Tools for Kuler is a great free extension from WebAssist that allows you to easily choose the hottest color palettes for your website.

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