Niche bloggers need Flexibility Theme for WordPress

Posted on January 20, 2009
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If you haven’t seen Flexibility Theme for WordPress in action, or if you’ve only used the original version of the theme, you need to grab a download of the newest version of the theme.

Flexibility is a theme that allows you to easily create literally millions if not billions of different blog looks in a matter of minutes. It gives you control over about every color, font, size, image, sidebar, width, Adsense, etc. of your blog. And the best part is, it’s awesome for beginner bloggers too because the options page makes it easy to make the changes.

Version 2 was just released and the improvements are substantial. Included changes are:

The original Flexibility Theme had over 2,000 downloads just since October of 2008, and the new version of the theme promises to be one of the most popular WordPress themes ever. The ease-of-use has increased tremendously and many professional bloggers use the theme to quickly create unique niche blogs in a matter of minutes.

Flexibility makes blogging easier because it gives the blog owner complete control over almost every aspect of their blog without having to know PHP, HTML or CSS. The simple options page in the WordPress admin section makes it very simple to change theme colors, widths, images, headers, RSS icons, search boxes, footers, etc. There are so many configurable options that it can be overwhelming to a new blog user.

If you crank out niche blogs on a regular basis, you can now set up UNIQUE niche blogs very quickly using the theme. Registration is required to download version 2 of the theme, but the original version is available if you don’t want to register. I’ve registered and have never received an email other than the email verification, so spam email from the creator is not a problem.

Visit to download or preview version 2 of Flexibility Theme.


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