Easy Squeeze Pages in WordPress

WordPress is hands down the easiest way to launch niche sites in the least amount of time. Thousands of internet marketers rely on the easy installation and near zero setup time required to create a custom niche blog.

The problem arises when it’s time to create your custom sales page in WordPress to sell your product. If you’re an experienced theme designer, it’s very simple to create a custom page template and style the content. But if you like the other 99.9% of niche bloggers, you don’t have a clue how to do this, nor do you want to. Your time is better spend marketing and promoting rather than tweaking a PHP file to get the results you want.

People like easy. It’s a fact. That’s why they’re using WordPress to begin with. There is a new WordPress theme called FlexSqueeze that makes it drop-dead simple to turn any WordPress page into a targeted squeeze page. And not only can you create a squeeze page in WordPress, you can built a complete mini-site very quickly. Here’s a video that shows how easy it is to create a quick mini-site with WordPress and FlexSqueeze.

Sample Content Included!

Not only does FlexSqueeze make it easy to actually create a squeeze page layout, it provides a completely styled page with all the necessary sales page elements such as check mark lists, subscription forms, testimonial boxes, content boxes and much more. The FlexSqueeze theme makes it easy to customize the appearance of your squeeze page in WP, by providing extremely easy-to-use theme settings where you can choose from 10 built-in squeeze page headers and control fonts, colors, page width and more.

Over 250 Sales Images Included!

As if that wasn’t already enough to get you started on building your ultimate WordPress sales page, FlexSqueeze also comes with over 250 high-quality PNG images that are ready to be used on your sales pages. Everything from offer bursts to buy now buttons, the theme gives you all the tools you need to build a professional squeeze page that actually converts.

If you like the bitmap images that come with the theme, you can also purchase the Squeeze Page Vector Pack. This pack contains all the images included with FlexSqueeze, but are layered vectors that can be edited in Fireworks or Photoshop. This gives you the ability to create any number of sales page graphics simply by changing the images to suit your needs.

FlexSqueeze is available in three versions ranging from single-use to a developer version. To read more about FlexSqueeze and how it can help you create easy squeeze pages in WordPress, click here.