Essential Suite by WebAssist

WebAssist has recently introduced their Essential Suite of Dreamweaver extensions. This bundle of tools replaces their Web Developer Suite, and adds a few more extensions to the mix. If you were to buy all the extensions individually, you would pay over $1,300. The Essential Suite is prices at a very competitive $599.99, which is a savings of 55% off buying each extension separately.

Essential Suite is designed for web developers who need to easily create database-driven CSS websites, but don’t want to spend their time coding. WebAssist automates the code generation, so you can concentrate on providing good site content rather than wasting time troubleshooting your code.  Essential Suite gives you all the extensions you need to build a database backend, build an online store with eCart, build user registration and login, secure website pages, build a backend CMS, send emails via your website, build CSS layouts and navigation, and much more.

I’ve used WebAssist extensions for years and have built some very sophisticated database-driven sites with their products.  I highly recommend checking out Essential Suite from WebAssist.