Easily Build a Custom Constant Contact Signup Form

Unless you’ve been under a rock the last couple of years, you know the importance of email marketing and keeping your website visitors up-to-date on your products or services.  This wizard-driven FREE tool allows you to easily integrate a custom email mailing list signup from Constant Contact.

Email marketing has never been easier!  By obtaining your website visitors email addresses in a mailing list, you have a valuable tool for generating repeat business and keep your visitors coming back for more.

The Constant Contact Join My Mailing List extension from WebAssist is a free Dreamweaver extension that allows you to generate a custom email marketing sign-up form for your website from within the Dreamweaver application.  It’s installed via the Dreamweaver extension manager and is easily access through the WebAssist toolbar menu.

The wizard interface makes generating a custom signup form so easy that your kid could do it.  You can choose from hundreds of predesigned templates and add your own branding.  The wizard generates all the custom code needed to integrate the signup form into your website.  No knowledge of code is required!  The wizard even allows you to style the forms with CSS so it matches your website color scheme.  Once the signup form is on your page, you can access the wizard again at any time to make modifications.  You can also edit the form properties directly in the code or the CSS stylesheet.

Direct Email Marketing with Constant Contact

You can download the extension and sign up for a free Constant Contact 60-day trial and see how simple it is to begin generating your opt-in email marketing mailing lists.  There’s no obligation to sign up with Constant Contact, and you don’t even need to supply a credit card for the trial.

Once you have started building your email marketing list, Constant Contact makes it incredibly simple to generate custom HTML or text email marketing campaigns.  And since your email marketing list was generated via the Constant Contact form on your website, you can rest assured that those people opted in to receive your emails, and the emails generated by Constant Contact allow them to opt out at any time.

A free Dreamweaver extension and a free trial with Constant Contact makes the price right to start building an email list from your website!