eCommerce Suite makes custom shopping carts easy

If you’ve ever tried to develop a custom shopping cart for your website, you probably quickly found the limitations of bundled shopping cart software.  You don’t want the same generic shopping experience as thousands of other sites, but customizing your shopping cart can be difficult, if not impossible, for the average website owner.  WebAssist’s eCommerce Suite is a Dreamweaver shopping cart extension that allows “the average Joe” to create a full-featured, custom shopping cart.

Shopping cart systems are a combination of front-end and back-end functionality that allow your website visitors to purchase your product, service or digital download directly from your site.  Shopping carts combine product databases and payment gateways into an easy-to-navigate, seamless experience for the user.  The ability to sell your offering online is an excellent way to maximize your website real estate, develop new markets and expand your bottom line.

WebAssist has been developing Dreamweaver extensions for years, and they have packaged eight of their best extensions into the eCommerce Suite.  The package includes:

  • DataAssist – this extension develops database functions
  • Universal Email – allows you to easily email purchase information
  • Validation Toolkit – ensures valid website form entries
  • Digital File Pro – creates digital file download functions
  • Database Starter Kit for PHP
  • Database Starter Kit for ASP
  • Cookies Toolkit – easy implementation of website cookies
  • eCart – the shopping cart system and main wizard for shopping cart setup

The heart of the eCommerce Suite lies in the eCart extension, which makes use of the other extensions through it’s wizard interface.  eCart takes you through the steps required to setup your custom shopping cart system and automatically generates the shopping cart database and all required supporting HTML code.

Shopping carts require both a store and an administration area where you can manage your products, pricing, inventory and other options.  DataAssist can be used to easily build the administration pages with the point-and-click ease that WebAssist is famous for. 

eCommerce Suite allows for integration with both remote checkout (for AuthorizeNet, 2CheckOut, Express Checkout, LinkPoint, PayFlow, PayPal, and WorldPay) and also same site local checkout (PayPal Website Payments Pro, Authorize.Net AIM, WebAssist Payment Gateway, 2CheckOut, LinkPoint API, and PayFlow Pro).  eCommerce Suite also integrates with FedEx and UPS so you can offer your clients real-time shipping quotes. 

If you encounter any problems setting up your store, the eCommerce Suite includes five support incidents (a $450 value) and you also have access to WebAssist’s world-class online help, tutorials and professional forums.  The package includes a fully functional example store complete with an administrative back-end, so you can use the included code or tweak to your liking. 

For those of you who wish to sell digital goods on the internet such as ebooks, music downloads, tutorials, and software, eCommerce Suite makes process simple with the inclusion of Digital File Pro Dreamweaver extension.  This simple-to-use plugin creates the interface needed for securely sending digital files via download to your website users. 

Custom shopping cart implementation can be difficult, but thanks to WebAssist and the eCommerce Suite, you don’t have to wade through piles of code to get your website ecommerce-ready.  Point, click and sell your goods online through this feature-packed Dreamweaver extension.