New Cross-browser CSS Navigation Extension for Dreamweaver

An easy way to build CSS navigation in Dreamweaver is here! WebAssist CSS Menu Writer is their newest Dreamweaver extension that creates horizontal or vertical CSS navigation menus from an easy-to-use wizard interface.

Menu Writer can create automated or even dynamic Dreamwaver CSS menus and gives you complete control over the menu through the CSS via the tabbed menu manager.

Dreamweaver CSS Menus Simplified

Creating static or dynamic CSS menus in Dreamweaver just became insanely simple. Menu Writer installs like any other Dreamweaver extension, and is called into action through the Menu Writer Menu Manager icon in the WebAssist toolbar. Simple position your cursor in code view or design view where you want your navigation menu, run the wizard, configure your menu settings, and Menu Writer creates a standards-compliant CSS menu instantly.

96 Preset Styles with Complete Customization

CSS Menu Writer comes stocked with 4 different styles of horizontal and vertical menus and 12 possible color combinations of each. That’s 96 variation out of the box, and you can completely customize any of the menus to match your website style or color theme.

No Hand Coding and Standards Compliant Code

No hand coding is required and the source code for the menu is a simple unordered list styled entirely with the stylesheet. CSS Menu Writer was developed with input from Eric Meyer, so the CSS and HTML validates and is standards compliant.

Manual, Automated or Dynamic Database-driven Menus

Menus can be created manually using the tabbed wizard that’s similar to CSS Sculptor, or they can be automatically generated by Menu Writer from your site structure. If you set up your site using hierarchical folders, Menu Writer will read the structure and create a horizontal or vertical menu accordingly.

If you website is database-driven, Menu Writer can just as easily churn out dynamic CSS menus. By simply assigning your menu items to a database recordset, your navigation will be created on the fly from your database.

Save and Reuse Menus Infinitely

WebAssist CSS Menu Writer not only enables you to create a totally custom CSS menu in Dreamweaver, it also allows you to save your menus and use them on other websites. There are no limits to how many sites you can build with Menu Writer.

Search Engine Friendly and Optimized

Through the use of pure CSS and a simple undordered list, the menus created by Menu Writer are compact and very search engine friendly. Unlike many DHTML and Flash menus, search engine spiders have no problem following Menu Writer menus. Since there are no limits to the number of sub-levels in your menus, even your deepest website pages can be crawled and indexed by the search engines.

Ultimate Dreamweaver CSS Menus

Menu Writer is the most configurable, easiest way to build static or dynamic CSS menus in Dreamweaver. The extension gives you the ease of no hand coding, yet allows you to completely customize your menus through the wizard interface or directly in the CSS stylesheet. Check out CSS Menu Writer for the easiest way to create CSS navigation in Dreamweaver CS3 or Dreamweaver 8.

For more information on CSS Menu Writer, visit the WebAssist website.