New Dreamweaver extension for creating WordPress themes

ThemeDreamer is a new extension for Dreamweaver that enables anyone to create custom WordPress themes. The extension works by combining all the individual WordPress files such as index.php, sidebar.php and footer.php into one complete blog page in Dreamweaver’s design view. ThemeDreamer also renders the page with simulated blog data so you can see the different page elements such as images, unordered lists, paragraphs and more.

Prior to ThemeDreamer, the method of customizing a WordPress theme in Dreamweaver consisted of copying the browser source code into a new Dreamweaver document, linking the stylesheets, editing the code, previewing, editing the actual WordPress file code, uploading, previewing again… you get the point. ThemeDreamer actually allows you to edit your blog in a WYSIWYG format in Dreamweaver’s design view.

Not only does ThemeDreamer join your blog theme into a visual page, it also provides most of the WordPress code tags and context highlighting for coding your blog designs. If you ever wanted to create WordPress themes in Dreamweaver, grab a copy of ThemeDreamer.  We’ve been using it for a couple of months now and it really is impressive how it simplifies WordPress theme design.