WebRehash.com is dedicated to providing useful (and some not-so-useful) information to the web masses.  I surf the web alot and come across great information that I can never seem to recall, so by rehashing it on this blog, I can find it later.  Hopefully others will find some interesting tidbits of information as well.

Feel free to comment to any of the posts.  An open discussion is always invited and I learn from other’s techniques.  Also feel free to post links to other useful sites. 

I do moderate the posts, only to prevent the endless submission of spam posts.  I don’t care if you plug your site, just don’t comment in order to get some kind of SEO boost.  This is WordPress, remember?  WP nofollows links, so you’re not helping your PR.  Someday I may eliminate the nofollow, but it depends on if the comments are topically valid and not just to get a link from my site.

Happy reading from WebRehash.com!

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