New Dreamweaver extension for creating WordPress themes

ThemeDreamer is a new extension for Dreamweaver that enables anyone to create custom WordPress themes. The extension works by combining all the individual WordPress files such as index.php, sidebar.php and footer.php into one complete blog page in Dreamweaver’s design view. ThemeDreamer also renders the page with simulated blog data so you can see the different […]

Installing PHP and MySQL on Windows XP and Windows Vista

Setting up PHP and MySQL on Windows XP and Windows Vista allows you to test your dynamic websites prior to uploading to your web server. WebAssist’s Mark Fletcher demonstrates how to set up and configure PHP and MySQL on your local Windows machine through WebAssist’s popular solution recipe videos. Simply click here (opens new window) […]

InMotion Hosting – A pleasant surprise in the world of web hosting

I don’t blog much about web hosting, mainly because it’s kind of boring and there just isn’t much meat to it. You get an account, you upload files, you hope you don’t need tech support. That’s about it. I had an experience last week that I just felt compelled to blog about. It wasn’t life […]