Free website templates that ROCK!

There are a lot of places you can get free website templates on the web, some are OK and are just downright bad. There are very few places, however, where you can download templates that are made specifically for Dreamweaver. Of these, there are none that 1) look good 2) W3C validate and 3) include the source graphics file to make customizing the graphics easy.

All that has now changed! JustDreamweaver has released a bunch of brand new free website templates that are almost all exclusively built for Dreamweaver, include the .dwt file, are XHTML 1.0 valid, are AdSense-ready and INCLUDE the original Fireworks files with all the vector images, slices and optimization.

Here’s a preview of a couple of the free templates offered:

Fruit Company Template

Fruit Company is a template that has a similar feel to Apple’s website. It includes a full footer with plenty of space for links or site-wide information.

High Velocity Template

High Velocity has a motorcycle theme by default, but can be easily customized to fit any website theme. It comes with a full image header as pictured, a two-column split image version and also a no-image version.

DotCom Template

DotCom is a nice two-column layout that has styles both with and without a top page image.

JustDreamweaver also has a template posted called FreshSqueeze that is a nicely styled squeeze page for affiliate marketers. It has all the usual “buy now” type of verbiage, but it is styled to be much classier than the usual squeeze page.

All the templates are free downloads and can easily be styled and customized through the CSS and the included Fireworks file. Clean, modular designs make these templates suitable for almost any type of website.