FreshSqueeze – A free affiliate marketing squeeze page template

NEW! I took some of the function of FreshSqueeze and built a new WordPress theme called FlexSqueeze that allows you to instantly create squeeze pages from directly within your WordPress blog! It also comes with over 250 bitmap squeeze page images such as action buttons, bursts, icons, bullets, etc. I also created the Squeeze Page Vector Pack that has all the bitmap images in vector format for easy editing. You can view both of them at!

If you’ve been on the web for more than 10 minutes, you’ve probably seen some really bad squeeze pages created by affiliate marketers. For those who don’t know what a squeeze page is, it’s simply a page that has limited or no navigation and the primary purpose is to drive the reader to your offer and either get them to subscribe to your email list (usually for a free eBook or PDF download) or to convert a sale or click-through to your affiliate.

The text is massive, bright yellow highlighting is overused and they try to convey a personal touch by adding a script signature at the bottom with multiple testimonials and claims of how their product will change your life.  We’re not crazy about these pages, we’re just trying to make them a little more attractive.

We decided to create a squeeze page template that would hopefully get affiliate marketers to create a more attractive landing page. There is the usual bold fonts and highlighting, but we also included multiple pre-styled offer boxes, opt-in forms, testimonial blockquotes, photo testimonials and some eye candy icons.

The template is actually just an HTML web page, but it also includes the original Fireworks document that was used to create the graphics for the page. This makes it very easy to create a custom header graphic or change the background colors, page shadow, icons or anything else on the page. Everything is pre-sliced and web optimized so all you need to do is change the look and export the slices to the images directory in your site. All the elements are styled in CSS, so changing the page appearance is very easy.

The template also includes a DHTML popup window created with Advanced DHTML Popup Professional that can be easily integrated into the page. DHTML Popup is a standalone software installation that gives you the ability to include a popup opt-in email form, graphics, links or any other HTML code. The interface is very simple to use and it includes many transitions such as slide in, fade in, drop in and bounce and more. It’s a great addition for squeeze pages to grab the readers attention immediately. You can even control the time delay before the box appears in their browser. The best part is it’s not blocked by popup blockers!

The template can be previewed and downloaded over at